Enjoy Sanfermin Festivals at 100% with the rent of balconies for the encierro and chupinazo.


Welcome to the online Pamplona balconies booking for the San Fermin 2017 Festivals of Sanfermin.com.

Here you will find the best located balconies, accessible to all types of budgets. All our services are managed by professional tour guide and have official accreditation (*) so that you enjoy a quality experience, comfortable and safe. In this shop on line you will be able to:

  • Get a balcony for rent to see the Running of the Bulls with security in the front row; With VIP options and offers with hotel night reservation. All with small breakfast included.
  • See up close other party shows like the exciting Chupinazo or the endearing party closure known as "Poor Me", safely from a balcony.
  • Complete your visit with extras that will allow you to enjoy the party from inside like the VIP breakfasts at the New Casino, guided tours in the bull run, tickets for the bulls, night of tapas and fires, etc.

(*) Inscribed in the Register of Tourist Activities. CINA 0093. UETC 0031


Do you need a Balcony for the Running of the Bulls and you don’t find?

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