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Every morning from the 7th - 14th of July, Pamplona Bullring fills up with spectators eager to watch the end of the Running of the Bulls (Encierro) and the herd entering the bullpens. Once the Bull Run is over, heifers (vaquillas) are released in the arena to chase the runners who have taken part in the Running of the Bulls a few minutes ago. This is one of the locals´ favourite Sanfermin experiences and is becoming increasingly popular among the visitors, too. Of course, Pamplona Bull Ring is the arena where Bullfights are held in every afternoon during the San Fermín Festivities.
Getting tickets to watch the Running of the Bulls and the heifers' show is not always easy. Acquiring tickets to watch the Bullfight is almost an impossible mission if you don´t know local people. Therefore, ADVANCE BOOKING is recommended for any Bull Ring events. As well, if you want to make sure you arrive at the Running of the Bulls on time take a look at our bus Transfer Service.
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