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Would you like to discover the culinary art from Navarre during the San Fermin Festival? We offer a few gastronomic experiences at local restaurants especially selected for our visitors. Enjoy! 

  • Enjoy the wonderful San Fermin firework display from a privileged spot on the terrace of the Baluarte Convention Center. CINA 0093 UETC 0031 Includes-“Cocktail bar” tapas dinner-Access to the terrace of the Baluarte Convention Center with views of the Firework Display -Glass of champagne-Cocktail bar on the terrace and on the 3rd floor (1 drink included)...

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  • VIP breakfast in the in a central hotel. Afterwards (9.30 am), Encierro Tour (Bullrun Tour), 2-hour tour of the city’s historical center. CINA 0093 UETC 0031 Approximate time: 8.30-11.00 am

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